More often than not the closest we get to witness the destructive power of Mother Nature is through the lens of someone else’s camera or condensed on the front page of a newspaper.

Disaster Tourism hopes to stimulate and educate by taking you to the scene of disasters – past, present and future – and providing you with a once in a lifetime experience.

We offer a range of Disaster Tourism packages from risk-taking adventures to educational expeditions.

Below is just a sample of our Disaster Experiences. Please drop us an email if you want to create your own personal adventure Are you brave enough to take a risk and dive in…?


In 2006 showers of incandescent rock and lava from a volcanic eruption in Ecuador’s Andes Mountains destroyed nearby villages, killing at least one resident and sending thousands fleeing.

Around the World there are volcanoes that have erupted and ones that are on the brink of blowing their top. Depending on your budget and adventurous nature, disaster tourism will take you to see the aftermath of a volcano eruption or recommend an active volcano for you to visit

Price: From £2,000
Duration: 7 Days
Location: Worldwide